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As you can see from the pictures included in my bio, my travel experiences have helped shape who I am.  As a Lonely Planet photographer I've lived in trees, climbed mountains and crossed deserts all for my love of people. (not to mention a healthy thirst for adventure) Whether it be with monks in Laos, a tribal elder in Ethiopia or a beautiful bride in the wine region of Niagara or the Okanagan Valley ..... I use my camera to connect with people all around the globe. Who's got a better job then me?


My name is Brian Reilly and I am passionate about taking beautiful and powerful images!

A little about Brian's photography......

Brian is all about portraits

Brian's fav lens is the canon 85mm f1.2 "lens from god"

Brian finds inspiration from all photographers but thinks zack arias and joey lawrence are rock stars

Brian's a sucker for an interesting face

Brian always looks for the light

Brian's greatest reward is the reaction he gets from a bride when she sees herself looking like the princess that she is on the day of her wedding


A few more things about Brian.....

Brian is passionate about everything he does

Brian is a proud father to Chase Joseph Reilly

Brian has a beautiful wife named Janey who encourages him to take pictures

Janey is Brian's biggest fan

Brian is an uncle to lily, james, noah, liam and ryan

Brian loves music almost as much as he loves wine gums

Brian can't listen to a song he knows without singing along

Brian's friends call him reils, clean head or boss

Reils has wonderful friends

Clean head loves to golf and drink MGD's with his boys

Boss is what they used to call reils when he was single

Brian digs meditating

Reils enjoys schmoozing with new people

Brian wants to be the best photographer he can be.

Brian is a leafs fan - poor Reils

Brian, Reils, clean head & boss all love to laugh. the kind of laughter that makes your belly hurt.

Brian would love to make a beautiful image of you

Brian is waiting for you to call  905-220-7055