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  • Life as a Professional Photographer

    "Brian Reilly, Professional Photographer" Damn I love saying that!
    How's the saying go? "Find something you love and you'll never work a day in your life"
    There's a lot of truth to that but lets be serious, it's not an easy life or a life that everyone is cut out for...but it is my life...LIFE OF REILLY
    If you have a passion for photography, if you have an appreciation for life, if you love your family and you value your friendships, if you're interested in learning and making plenty of mistakes along the way..... then we're gonna get on on like a house on fire.
    I'm going to do my best to keep it real; Share my successes and my failures on the road to mastering my craft and living life to the fullest.

A sneaky wifey……

Ok, so while Bri is at work I am taking over Word Press and going to surprise my Valentine with my 1st entry. First off, I really should start by introducing myself. My name is Janey and I am the talented photographers wife and assistant. My hubbies images take my breath away–anything from his travel pics that hang throughout our house to a simple quick snap of our super-pooch Jessy having a dip in Okanagan Lake. Speaking of images that move me, the image I have posted here is one that I took when we were in Cabo and Bri was shooting a wedding and all the festivities leading up to it.  This is my hubby in his glory- camera in hand, flip flops, linen and sunshine.  This image makes me smile because I know that in that moment he was doing what he loves to do (and is so good at!) and completely in the moment.  Plus he looks damn sexy holding a camera!

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My 8th Birfday

Um… hi evereeone! My name is Jessy (aka Sir Sniffs Alot, Mr. Waddlebutt, Champ Champerson, Angel, Super Pooch….). I thought I would take this oppertoonitee to introduece myself since Friday was my 8th birfday! I was born April 2nd, 2002. Wicked Good! I woke up on Friday morning to a new toy football, a card, a Dr. Doolittle flick, and homemade doggy French fry things- my pops left those out fer me for when I got up. I was sooo happy when my Mum and I wandered out to the kitchen to find these gifts laid out on the floor for me. Then, my mom spoiled me even more wiff a “Buddies” movie (my fav is Buddha Buddy and I have a crush on Rosebud), then made me a whole big delish batch of peanut butter biscuits in the shape of hearts. Then my Mum let me go all over the house on all sorts of furniture to do a private photosession for my big day. My dad wuz at work so my Mum wanted to surprise him. I really wanted her to capture a shot or 2 of me for my girl “Olive” (I also call her “Doots“)….she lives in Maple Ridge and is a weeee bit yunger than mee but my Mum said that is ok as long as I treat her with “recess” (or something like that) and that I am “loyal”. I am a Retreiver for paws sake! I am nothing but loyal! Sheesh Mum! Ok, I better run, I heer Mum coming and I have gotten mud all over her keyboard…Mum is a neat freak and I have a furry feeling I am busted! Oops!

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The Karma Project, Act I

Rules of The Karma Project

First Rule of The Karma Project: You can make a difference
Second Rule of The Karma Project: Do what you are able, when you are able, for those that are unable
Third Rule of The Karma Project:Your Participation is NOT to be viewed as an act of charity. You will benefit exponentially from your actions – aka Karma
Fourth Rule of The Karma Project: What you do every day is more important then what you do once in a while
Fifth Rule of The Karma Project: Let Love Rule

The Karma Project, Act I

A wedding is a celebration of two peoples love and it should be the greatest day in a couples life, unfortunately life itself sometimes gets in the way of love. Sometimes circumstances are such that the cost of a wedding, even a modest one, seem hopelessly unattainable.
The Karma Project, Act I is uniting to make sure “true love” makes its way to the altar…. despite life’s circumstances.

Brian Reilly Photography and a growing list of community suppliers are offering their professional services; wedding photography, wedding planner, flowers and accommodations to a loving couple who truly deserve the walk down the aisle as husband and wife despite what life may have dealt them to date.

Please submit the details of a couple that you feel best deserve a reversal of fortunes to:
All names will be confidential

If you are interested in participating in The Karma Project
please contact Brian Reilly:

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Spring is in the air….

The sun has been shining, the temps above 10 degrees, golf courses opening all around us, the BBQ has been fired up, and walks with bear bells on Jessy’s collar can only mean one thing- SPRING! It seems everyone including our four legged angel has a little extra pep in their step this time of year. How refreshing! Next week is Jessy’s 8th Birthday and so far he has requested the following: homemade doggy treats with the main ingredient being peanut butter, unlimited belly rubs, a gourmet cheese sampling, a family walk,and last but not least, he wants to come up on the couch and watch “Bolt” and “Air Bud”. What a guy! But, he deserves it all. Dogs are simply the absolute best pet one could have-unconditional love is all I can say. For all of you K9 owners there is a great book called “Inside Of A Dog” written by Alexandra Horowitz. You will learn so many things about your furry house monster that you never knew. For instance- when you put a crazy raincoat on your dog, he may be protected from the wet rain but he doesn’t feel this he feels the coat to actually produce the discomfiting feeling that someone higher ranking than you is nearby. One coat is enough for our furry friends. I hear Jessy snoring behind my desk as I write and it has reminded me that I need to get his lazy butt out for a walk. Pretty soon he will be trotting along, sniffing everything in site, greeting every person that walks by and sticking his snout in my pocket trying to snag a treat. This post is for all dog lovers…enjoy the sunshine of the season with your pooch and try and take in at least some of all the amazing smells of Spring while letting your worries or stresses of the day disappear…at least for a few moments!

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